Welcome to the Glasgow Collective

We currently have 36 different businesses across 4 adjoining buildings, a real cross sector mix, social enterprises, charities, community interest companies to multiple small and medium size corporates. Architects to Coffee Roasters, cake makers to software developers, musicians to engineers, interior designers to marketeers. Individuals to teams of 20. 

We tend to do a lot of bespoke deals to suit people and business requirements, right now, with planned focus of future growth. We offer flexible full-time and part- time hotdesking, dedicated desks, private studios and offices suitable for up to 12 people. We also offer a licence agreement instead of a lease as standard with all extras included in the price. Boardrooms, meeting pods, internet, tea, coffee, business address, some storage, parking (can’t be guaranteed but have good supply) even the odd event hire all included in the monthly fee. 

Interested? Come and see us and experience the Collective atmosphere for yourself!


Office Pod

Our Boardroom can fit at least 15 people and is ideal for big meetings and presentations. We have two screens with the latest technology available that allows for top class presentations and video calls. We also have whiteboard walls.



A modern glass pod made by Boss Design. This is ideal for phone calls, interviews and small meetings. What is great about our pod is that it is soundproof.

The Common Space


Our main space consists of a large kitchen and sitting areas that can be used by all our members free of charge. We regularly host product launches and social gatherings for our members.


Our members