Our Vision

We believe Scotland can be the most entrepreneurial country in the world. By surrounding ourselves with like minded creative, professional people we are a lot closer to making that a reality. Through developing the properties ourselves, we have always relied on and seek to achieve what people need and want regarding space and have so far achieved what we believe is a very flexible model, which, by its design, is providing every opportunity for collaboration and networking in the most casual pain free way.  

Glasgow Collective was founded November 2014 when we were able to get control of a simply stunning late 19th Century previously vacant(since 2000)industrial warehouse in East Campbell Street opposite the world renowned Barrowland Ballroom. We collaborated with so many from space planning to fulfilling what some of our current tenants required and opened officially  in Feb 2016.

Glasgow Collective 2 opened for business August 2016 and GC3 is under renovation at the moment looking at being in operation early 2017. All of our locations are in the same spot, in the famous Barras area of Glasgow, there is nowhere we would rather be than this amazing part town.

Currently we are called home by 33 small businesses ranging from one man bands to teams of 24, a real collective mix of expertise and cross sector experience, Collaboration not Competition. Come join us !



The Office Pod

Office Pod

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The Boardroom


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The Common Space


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